We are a family of faith
as an Episcopal Parish of
the Diocese of Southeast Florida

Our Core Values

As an Episcopal parish we embrace the tradition and style of our worship
that draws us closer to God.

We value the variety of scripture reading in worship,
in biblical preaching, and in teaching.

The ministry and presence of the Holy Spirit is a vital part of our journey of faith.

We celebrate the diversity of individual perspective and gifts of each member.

We care for each other in the name of Jesus Christ.

We enjoy being a family of faith that welcomes all who wish to join us.

Our Mission

A Community connected in Christ for all the moments that matter.

Our Vision

People on their knees in prayer empowered by the Holy Spirit
to share their faith and to participate eagerly in meaningful ministry
and risky mission within and outside the church
with commitment, joy and enthusiasm, that is a contagious attraction for others.

A self-supporting parish, increasingly realizing more of God's will
and our potential in Jesus Christ by intentionally being
heterogenous in age, diverse in style of worship and music,
and expansive in ministries and mission.

A church accepting people where they are, whoever they are,
welcoming friends and strangers alike as our guests.
Creating and expanding regular opportunities
for Christian fellowship and Biblical nurture.

An exciting, joyful, and gracious atmosphere of faith
filled with the presence of God resulting in
increased worship attendance, generous giving,
and growth in personal and practical Christianity for all ages!

2023 Blessing of the Animals